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Our Nature

At FININ Consulting, what sets us apart lies in our Nature, in our Identity. It’s what makes us unique, different. We are there at the first steps of your business. We stand by your side as your company grows.

We have already inspired dozens of clients to achieve their dreams and surpass their goals! How? We specialize in Financial and Business Consulting. Our commitment is to boost the success and efficiency of your business through innovative financial tools and solutions, and solid business strategies.

From the vision and purpose of our founder, FININ Consulting is born.


Our MISSION is to support all companies, regardless of their size and dimension, to have organized Financial Management, where the focus is on making Businesses Grow.


Our VISION is to democratize corporate finances. We believe in the universality and globality of information and knowledge related to Management and Business Finance support tools.

Our Values


Create impact within companies and inspire our clients to achieve extraordinary results.


Promote financial literacy among our clients and motivate the full exploration of knowledge, empowering them for informed decisions.


Use innovative methodologies related to Management and Business Finance to favor the full potential of those who choose our services.


Guide and advise those who choose to trust us in a way that they adapt behaviors and strategies leading to the sustainable success of their business.

Meet the people who are fully on board with you!

CEO and Founder of FININ
 Ricardo Moreira Santos

Expertise in Business Management topics: Finance, Profit & Loss, Leadership, Strategy, and Sales.

Moreover, always willing to understand problems and thus find the most efficient and innovative solutions to challenges.

Manager of FININ
Diogo Encarnação


Responsible for matters related to new market trends, Commercial Management, and Communication.

Believes that people are the main asset of companies and it is these who direct the future and leverage results.

 Beatriz Oliveira


Dedicated to Management, Organization, and Business Finance projects, committed to helping companies grow by analyzing their progress in the business world.

Argues that the success of a company is related to the dedication of people and the commitment to the goals set by it.

Logo Consultora Financeira Empresarial FININ


We can help

From drawing up your Business Plan to optimising your profit and growth strategies – bring us your questions, we have the solutions.