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Entrepreneurship in Portugal:
D2 Visa

Who can apply for Portuguese D2 Visa?

Vantagens do Visto D2:

Direito de estabelecer um negócio ou trabalhar como profissional independente e residir em Portugal

Entrada livre e circulação no Espaço Schengen, composto por 26 países europeus, sem necessidade de visto

Possibilidade de reunificação familiar (com familiares diretos) em Portugal

Opção de requerer o regime fiscal NHR

Baixa taxa de imposto sobre sociedades em comparação com outros países: 21% sobre o lucro líquido

Qualificação para residência permanente ou cidadania portuguesa após 5 anos

Direitos de residência em Portugal, incluindo acesso à educação e cuidados de saúde

Advantages of the D2 Visa

The D2 visa allows you to obtain a Portuguese Residence Permit for 1 year, renewable for two further 2-year periods upon proof of professional activity, making it possible to apply for Portuguese nationality after 5 years.

Conditions for Entrepreneurs

If you plan to bring your company to Portugal, the appraisers will take into account the conditions and the potential for the company’s contribution to the country. You must prove the value of your organization through the following elements

Declaration that you have made or intend to make an investment in Portugal, indicating its nature, value and duration

Structured business plan, along with the reasons that led to the creation of the company

Demonstrate financial capacity for the proposed business venture during the period they will live in the country and the viability of the company. Proof of financial resources for scaling will be an advantage

Your company's share capital – an initial capital that ensures that the company can operate even if it is not making a profit. In Portugal, small companies have an average share capital of €5,000, a reference value to be taken into account when applying

A consolidated curriculum, with a demonstrated network of contacts and experience as a business manager, is an asset

Request Evaluation

The D2 visa application will be assessed taking into account the economic, social, scientific, technological and cultural relevance of the investment. The prospect of job creation in Portugal will also count in its favour.

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