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Economic and Financial Analysis

Solid financial management is fundamental for business growth. The economic and financial analysis aims to support decision-making and both internal and external knowledge of the business, providing the company with performance indicators (KPIs).

How we do it:

Diagnosis of the economic and financial situation

Analysis and evolution of various performance indicators and evaluation of the best strategies to adopt

Projection of revenues, cost structure and expenses, and future cash flow

Company Valuation

Evaluating a company’s value involves internal factors (such as business volume and capital structure) and external factors (competition, macroeconomic and political factors). Besides being essential for buying and selling transactions, it is also crucial for determining the company’s book value, for guarantees in financial operations, and for valuing specific business areas. It provides a solid foundation for strategic decisions and enhances long-term success.

How we do it:

Evaluation of the value of a potential purchase or sale

Assessment of the book value of the company itself or a financial stake

Determination of the value of collateral/guarantee in a financing operation

Determination of the value of a business area or an asset

Assessment of the company's value for investor entry

Credit Risk Analysis

Credit risk analysis not only protects but also enhances value and drives competitiveness. It prevents and mitigates potential threats before they materialize, avoiding financial missteps from negatively impacting the business.

Organizations should have decision-support tools regarding the granting of credit to customers, developing actions to control, manage, and limit the credit extended.

How we do it:

Detailed report on the credit capacity of the entity itself or a client

Understanding and reducing financial risks to be incurred

Monitoring of financing capacity

A tool that enables the acquisition of good clients, who have the financial capacity to meet commitments

Promotion of financial security

Determination of a credit scoring that allows for objectively measuring the financial health of the organization

Investment Analysis

The evaluation of investments is a pillar that provides the roadmap for assessing the viability of projects and wisely directing financial resources.

By exploring various investment opportunities, the client can discern which project promises the best financial return and also stands out for its growth potential.

How we do it:

Informed and considered decision-making regarding financial resources

Improvement of financial performance by maximizing return on investment and minimizing associated financial risks

Identification of investment opportunities for a more competitive positioning

Increased transparency, positively influencing internal and external stakeholders

Planning and Budgeting

Solid foundations are key to business success, and planning and budgeting play fundamental roles in this scenario. They are powerful tools that empower your company to set clear goals and effective strategies.

How we do it:

Greater efficiency in resource allocation, avoiding unnecessary expenses and maximizing the use of available resources

Cash flow forecasting through budgeting, avoiding treasury problems and financial crises

More informed decisions about investments and financing

Setting of clear and measurable goals

Continuous monitoring of performance and execution of necessary adjustments to achieve planned objectives

Financial Restructuring

This process is not just a superficial analysis. It is a vital tool for organizations facing financial difficulties. It involves analyzing the company’s internal processes and identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing changes that allow it to become more efficient and profitable.

How we do it:

Debt reduction, enabling the expansion of the capacity to pay debts and reducing the risk of defaults

Improvement of operational efficiency resulting in increased profitability and higher profit margin

More financial flexibility with better adaptation to market volatility and changes, and the possibility to invest in growth opportunities

Increase in return value for investors/shareholders/ partners as the company progresses in financial and operational terms

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