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Internationalization via E-commerce: How to leverage business in digital

Have you read about PRR and how this program can help your company? Today, we write
about Internationalization via E-commerce and how you can leverage your business in

The Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) is a Portuguese government investment plan to help
the economy recover and become more resilient to future shocks, such as the COVID-19
pandemic. The PRR includes several incentives to support the development of support
services for small and medium-sized enterprise internationalisation (SMEs) processes
through e-commerce.

Internationalization via e-commerce is a growing trend for companies looking to increase
their customer portfolio. Internationalization through e-commerce allows companies to
reach new markets, offering products and/or services to a larger and more diverse customer
base. The benefits of e-commerce internationalization include increasing sales volume,
reducing marketing costs, being easy to serve a global customer base, and the ability to
obtain new sources of revenue. In addition, international consumers can expand their
customer base with much less effort and cost involved than with domestic sales.

Internationalizing a business through e-commerce, or e-commerce, can be an effective
strategy to expand business and reach new markets. There are a few steps that can help the
company prepare for this expansion:

  • Search the market: Before expanding into a new market, it is important to research the market to understand the needs and desires of consumers, as well as trends and competition;
  • Adapt the site to the language and currency of the new market: To attract consumers of this new market, it is important to adapt the company’s website to the language and currency of the target country. This includes content translation, price modification, and payment options;
  • Find local business partners: It is important to establish relationships with local business partners, such as shipping service providers or marketing companies, to help the company establish itself in the new market;
  • Support the local language: Consumers often prefer to make purchases on sites that support their language. Therefore, it is important to provide customer support in the local language to ensure maximum customer satisfaction;
  • Follow local laws and regulations: It is important to be aware of the laws and regulations of the target country to ensure that the company is operating legally and ethically. This includes tax laws, privacy regulations, and consumer protection.

With rigorous planning, care and a focus on customer service, e-commerce internationalization can be an effective way to expand business and reach new markets.


Contribute to promoting e-commerce in new exporters and in companies already in international trade.

  • Create a digital marketing plan to promote e-commerce. The plan should cover SEO strategies, online advertising, paid ads, social networks, email marketing, content marketing and other digital marketing tactics;
  • Provide training and expert guidance to people to help them understand and take
    advantage of the various opportunities of e-commerce;
  • Promote the use of online platforms to help companies create their e-commerce
  • Invest in advertising campaigns to promote e-commerce and develop products and
    services that can be sold online;
  • Create connections with consumers and international customers through social
    networks and e-mail marketing;
  • Use data analysis tools to better understand the needs and behaviors of
    international consumers;
  • Develop partnerships with other companies to promote and share new e-commerce
  • Create and maintain contacts with online payment service providers to provide
    customers with various payment methods;
  • Use SEO tactics to help appear in searches more efficiently;
  • Invest in tools that help monitor growth, sales and better understand the
    international market.


Investing in the development of support services for small and medium-sized enterprise internationalization (SMEs) processes can be a valuable strategy to help these companies grow and expand their business in other countries. Some forms of investment in this type of service include raising awareness among SMEs about the benefits and challenges of internationalisation, training these businesses to operate in a global environment, and providing services within the scope of expert advice to help them plan and implement internationalisation strategies. This type of investment can be made by governments, non- profit organizations, financial institutions and other companies. With two strands:

  • The internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through e-commerce can be an effective strategy to expand business in other countries. A programme to deepen the promotion of e-commerce for new exporters may include several actions, such as:
  1. Training for SMEs on how to use e-commerce platforms, including using social networks, e-mail marketing and other digital marketing techniques to attract and convert customers into new markets;
  2. Access to tools and resources to help SMEs build and promote their online stores and develop digital marketing strategies for new markets;
  3. Guidance on legal and regulatory issues that may affect the sale of products toother countries;
  4. Support for SMEs to identify and connect with potential customers in other countries and by optimising websites for search engines in specific languages and locales;
  5. Guidance on how to manage the logistics of sending and delivering products abroad;
  6. Assistance for companies to evaluate the potential for growth in new markets and identify business opportunities;
  • The launch of a new individualised digital promotion support programme geared towards market diversification for companies that already have consolidated international experience can be an effective strategy to help these companies expand their presence in new markets.

The success of this type of programme may depend on a number of factors, including the level of interest of SMEs in exploiting e-commerce as an internationalisation strategy, as well as the quality and adequacy of the resources and support offered by the programme.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Summary of the last open warning:


Incentive rate up to 50% (in the background lost) on eligible expenditure calculated, according to the following typologies:

  • 10,000 € to 25,000 €, for projects framed in the typology “New Exporters”
  • 25,000 € to 85,000 €, for projects framed in the typology “More Markets”


Applications are open until the number of applications is received, which is determined according to the budget allocation.


A) Acquisitions of equipment and software directly related to the implementation of the project.

B) Expenses related to the acquisition of services from third parties such as:

b1) Strategies applied to digital channels for managing markets, channels, products or customer segments;

b2) User-Centered Design (UX)

b3) Web Content Management (WCM) plataforms, Campaign Management, Customer Relationship Management e E-commerce;

b4) Creation of own online stores, registration and optimization of presence in electronic marketplaces;

b5) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) e Search Engine Advertising (SEA);

b6) Social Media Marketing;

b7) Content Marketing;

b8) Display Advertising;

b9) Mobile Marketing;

b10) Business Inteligence and Web Analytics;

C) Costs with technical personnel directly involved in the implementation of the project, and the competencies /valences in e-commerce and digital marketing should be evidenced and correspond to a minimum level of qualification VI (QNQ).

Applications for this support will open soon. Want to be informed about the opening date? Contact us!


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